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Luca Lorenzini…featured by Lecil is a wonderful 10 year collaboration of  designers from The United States and Italy. Lecil Henderson, who has been in the jewelry industry for nearly 30 years is working and designing with Luca Lorenzini, who also stems from generations of Italian jewelers. The Luca Collection is a handmade Italian Sterling Silver and Diamond Cut White Sapphire fine fashion jewelry line. Great for everyday wear with options to match any and all outfits. The natural materials not only provide an exquisite look, but also a fine quality that is known to be long lasting. The magnetic clasps are a unique feature to our jewelry, making it easy to put on and take off. Available in an array of colors and sizes, the Luca Collection is great for the self-purchase or to give as a gift. We stand behind our jewelry and offer a manufacturer’s defect warranty to our pieces.