Marketplace Seller Profile

Steven Lagos refers to himself as a ‘Treasure Hunter’ when it comes to finding the perfect gemstone. As gemstones are made in nature they can be a very unpredictable medium to work with. Each year Steve travels the globe to meet with local artisans who specialize in gemstones specific to that area of the world. Discovering what is available each season takes skill and a keen eye for quality. As Steve explains, “Everything we use is real. We’re subject to what’s coming out of the mines in the quantities and sizes that we need. That creates a whole other layer and mystery to the product.”

For 35 years, Steven Lagos has explored creative avenues and produced iconic pieces that resonate today, more than ever, with what a woman expects from her jewelry: impeccable quality, easy sophistication and beautifully crafted statement pieces. In the Fall 2012 collection, Steven looks back at his portfolio of designs and inserts a new, asymmetrical element to his pieces. Watch the video for a glimpse into our new styles.


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