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Femme Lux

Born in the heart of NYC's Diamond District, Femme Luxe was created with a simple mission - to spread joy through jewelry.

With that in mind, we bring you timeless diamond and gemstone jewelry that will add a touch a sparkle and a whole lot of life to any occasion, every day!

We all know the importance jewelry holds in a person's life. Great jewelry helps you own your style and express your true essence. It adds a touch of sparkle and joy to every occasion and any day!

At Femme Luxe, we bring you quality diamond and gemstone jewelry that is ethically sourced and thoughtfully designed by industry veterans with over 3 decades of experience in the world of gems and jewelry. With sustainably sourced raw materials and the skilled hands of master craftsmen, our endeavor is to create quality jewelry that can add color, sparkle, and joy to your life!

Diamonds, gemstones and all that bling! Browse our collection gemstone and diamond jewelry for a range of classic, timeless designs that are must-haves for any jewelry collection!